Brotana||Seduction Never Tasted So Good [FLASHBACK]

  • TAGGING Santana Lopez and Brody Weston
  • TIME FRAMEMany, many moons ago.
  • GENERAL NOTESClosing down the bar Santana finds herself not alone. Conversations are had and a natural progession takes place.


Santana sighed as she wiped down the bar. It had been an extremely busy day and she was working a double shift due to sickness bug that had been going around. Glancing at the clock last call had been ten minutes ago and the patrons that were left were slowly staggering their drunken asses off home. Today she had to stop a bar fight over two idiots fighting over some girl whom was more or less drunk herself. Deciding that it wasn’t safe for her to be taken advantage of she called a cab to take the poor girl home. Gave her some water and sat her on the end whilst she waited. As she put the empty glasses away she really did enjoy working in this place. Good or bad, she felt like she could keep an eye on the innocent when she’d hear any news, it also didn’t hurt that it was also a karaoke bar, well, if they could actually sing it’s nice. If not, and they’re tone deaf she just wanted to boo them off the stage. Santana was pulled out of her reverie as she saw a figure walking towards to bar, she couldn’t help the smirk that appear on her face as she saw him plenty of times during with many different females. “Ah, Brody,” she smiled “what happened tonight? No takers? Looks like you’ll have to go home alone for once,” as she chuckled softly.